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Three-year warranty
     Thank you for visiting our website Hing environmental protection, our high-quality products to show in front of you, parts of equipment are explosion-proof standards, using high-quality stainless steel plate stamping and welding molding, hardware and perhaps you think nothing special, in fact, is very hardware The key part of our accessories are guaranteed for 36 months, including the whole part, because we believe that our product quality in the domestic and international level are of excellent quality.
     The software part, we focus on solvent recovery, oil recovery equipment for decades, we know the characteristics and quality of domestic solvent recovery machines, including equipment, such as security risks, we constantly improving, mainly to improve that aspect, such as pourable be under slagging function, alarm equipment downtime, equipment malfunction alarm shutdown overpressure alarm shutdown functions, etc., we are convinced that a good product to have good quality, but also to corporate responsibility, to the point minutiae drops, we all keep in mind, how to improve, how to move forward, to do better and safer equipment is our biggest vision, believe us, we do not think of things the customer, we do safer and more environmentally friendly solvent recovery equipment and oil recovery equipment.

Make China safer and more assured of solvent recovery machine

Environmental Green Business

    Our environmental deterioration in one day, in order to change our living space, try to save your various energy sources. If the oil is exhausted our humanity, humanity will face various crises, protecting the environment from ourselves and our living space will become even better.
    Solvent recovery, oil recovery equipment, we in the resource recycling, environmental pollution, the principles of the human body without harm, to ensure that our high-end equipment for mankind to save costs, the current recovery is completed after the general recycling machine will be some smell, humans and the environment problems caused by a certain influence, employees do not want to operate, etc., we focused on this issue to develop a unique program, so that employees are willing to operate equipment, environmental pollution equipment, welcome to our product suggestions and comments We will be enthusiastic to hear from you, to your suggestions we have made improvements or reply, thank you!

Free Trial equipment

    Thank you for entering Hing environmental equipment company website
    With the global economic slowdown, reduced efficiency in various industries, in order to seek to maximize benefits, you need to change the existing model, cost savings for their companies, resource reuse, recycling, not only cost savings, but also conducive to environmental protection, our equipment to make more improvements to make you feel more at ease and more price advantage equipment.
    If you choose Hing high-end devices, there will be more confidence in the equipment, free trial equipment to solve your worries, we have 10 years of experience, combined with more solvent recovery equipment at home, it is recommended by the customer, the device is currently security risks exist, recycling machine industry in the blind spots and other modifications, and get solutions, you can take into account that we will do better, you do not take into account that we also help you take into account that this is our professionalism Select Hing high-end equipment, you are assured of election, signed a trial contract, free access to high-end equipment to bring you peace of mind and save money. Welcome to consult high-end equipment, thank you!


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Add:Three township springs village pond road No. 18 Zhongshan City Guangdong Province


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