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Use solvent recovery Notes

Update time :2015.04.11

Use solvent recovery machine Notes:

Question 1 .. Why solvent recovery opportunities injection?


Because the solvent recovery machine HTF oil expansion effect, heat medium oil has ventilation opening, when the heat recovery unit will expand the mezzanine bucket from the air, and so will the air intake when not in use, after a long time, oil will there is water, when the water into steam, and oil will be together from the heat emitted together kerosene ventilation opening.

To promptly deal with humid conditions in your area. Avoid such problems, the more moist air, moisture will be sucked more air to avoid a dry place


Question two. Why solvent recovery opportunities arise hair green phenomenon?

Because the solvent is neutral, but solvents such as cleaning resin, paint, etc., a resin containing a weak acid, and recycling machine condenser (copper) react, so out of the solvent with a green, we recommend using a stainless steel air-cooled condensing device



In fact, there are a lot of attention to the point, this depends on the machine configuration, specific details, please contact customer service!


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