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Matters solvent recovery machine manufacturers need to pay attention

Update time :2015.06.04

   Solvent recovery machine manufacturers need to pay attention:


   Is a substantive role, unlike the customer service staff with the sales staff manufacturers generally plays, contacts are fictitious personnel and agents, there is a saying that good: I'm on this, you are on the phone (computer) that head, more intuitive showed our understanding of this sale.

   But manufacturers are not the same, the general large customers are to meet with representatives of manufacturers directly, the first condition is met to make it clear whether the manufacturer has the ability to do such things to determine the quality of the product sold, first look at the is the strength of manufacturers, with double the performance experience, ability to perform is the key, so deserving of our pursuing.

   Another thing that can allow us to see more direct customer need is what? You want to know what is? More direct communication with customers, not like salespeople words convey the same meaning may have changed.

   Finally, is the need to integrate with the customer's industry, and finally need to do is to allow customers to understand how to keep the use of our products, how to go on more long-term cooperation.

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