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Do you know the maintenance method of solvent recovery machine?

Update time :2019.08.06

Solvent recycling machine is a equipment for recycling waste solvents, used and old solvents. The equipment is composed of metal parts. In the process of using, the equipment should be maintained in time, which is helpful for the normal use of the equipment and prolongs its service life. The following subsection of solvent recycling machine will introduce how to maintain the solvent recycling machine. Protect.

1. In order to obtain the repairing effect, different solvent recovery machines should be used when different solvents are recovered. If the solvent recovery machine keeps good cleaning and working order, it will save a lot of adjustment and cleaning time when recycling.

2. Lubricate the key parts of the solvent recovery machine after work every day. Sealing rings, springs, needle valves and suction nozzles must be replaced regularly due to wear and aging between normal fittings. Replacement shall be carried out according to the instructions of the manufacturer of solvent recovery machine. Because excessive oil will flow into the paint and oil passage, resulting in recovery defects, so lubrication must be very careful, oil and paint mixing will reduce the quality of recovery. Do not soak the solvent recovery machine in the cleaning liquid for a long time, which will harden the sealing ring and destroy the lubrication effect.

Above is the maintenance of solvent recycling machine introduced by solvent recycling machine. I hope it can help you. If you need to know more about it, please contact us and we will answer them one by one.


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