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Do you know the advantages of solvent recovery machine?

Update time :2019.12.03

Solvent recovery machine plays an important role in environmental protection engineering. We need to know its advantages in the process of using solvent recovery. Here is a brief introduction of solvent recovery machine.


Advantages of using solvent recovery machine:


I. improve the quality of products: before cleaning, first clean with dirty solvent, and then use new cleaning. With the solvent recovery machine, new solvent can be used for cleaning all the time, and the cleaning quality will be improved.


2. Reduce environmental pollution: organic solvents are toxic. If it falls down, it will do harm to the surrounding animals and plants. If the underground water is used, the waste liquid will permeate into the underground water for a long time, which is harmful to yourself or the employees. This can be avoided by using solvent recovery machine.


III. improve the safety of the factory: if the solvents are piled up together or poured into the sewer, because the solvents are explosive, if any employee accidentally leaves the cigarette end in the waste solvent when smoking, it may cause fire and inconvenience loss. By using solvent recovery machine, the waste solvent can be disposed at any time without being stored or poured, which also reduces accidents and safety risks.


IV. can greatly reduce the adverse rate: some companies use some waste solvents to infiltrate into new solvents, which has a great impact on quality, such as: paint, after use, there is curing agent in the paint, when encountering high temperature or dry, ventilation place, the resin and curing agent solidify together, if the surface roughness or bulge will be produced on the brake spray paint, which will affect the appearance and beauty, use solvent The recycling machine can separate the tenner water in the paint from the curing agent resin and turn it into a colorless and transparent new solvent for reuse to change the bad phenomenon.


V. space saving: before using the solvent recovery machine, the warehouse will stack 10 square meters. After using the solvent recovery machine, the waste can be treated and the new solvent can be used. In this way, you can increase the space of your warehouse by 10 square meters.


The above is the advantages of the solvent recovery machine introduced by the small volume of solvent recovery machine. I hope it can help you. If you need to know more about it, please contact us, and we will answer for you one by one.


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