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How to choose solvent recovery machine?

Update time :2019.12.09

What are the tips for buying solvent recovery machines? What kind of equipment to choose, the following solvent recovery machine small edition for you to introduce.


1. Safety: the first consideration in selecting solvent recovery equipment is safety, so-called safety first, which brings maximum benefits to the company. In order to ensure safety, it is necessary to check the authenticity of the product, its anti-counterfeiting label, production address, number and certificate, so as to call the explosion-proof testing center and check the authenticity of the solvent recovery machine on the Internet. In order to ensure safety, it is not allowed to purchase the second-hand, modified or non explosion-proof solvent recovery certificate equipment.


2. Function: before purchasing the equipment, first determine the workload of the recycling machine, then negotiate with the product customers, select or customize the appropriate solvent recycling machine. The solvent recycling machine is a high-temperature distillation equipment, and the temperature control system is very important. At present, some small enterprises still use the temperature control elements and methods more than 10 years ago. If purchasing the older equipment, they need to replace the new temperature control system, It's best to buy Intelligent full-automatic solvent recovery machine.


3. Cleaning: the solvent recovery machine is mainly made of stainless steel panel and ordinary paint spraying panel. The paint spraying panel will look better but not resistant to aging. It is necessary to consider whether the recovered solvent will corrode the paint surface, and it will not take long for the paint surface to be ugly with different colors. Stainless steel panel is recommended for easy cleaning


4. Claim settlement problem: you need to buy and use the solvent recovery machine safely. Although the solvent recovery machine is an explosion-proof device, in case of any problem, you can get claim settlement in time. When you choose the recovery machine, please check whether there is insurance, etc.


5. Sales service: mechanical equipment will inevitably have some failures after a long time. Only by choosing large enterprises and large brands can we have more resources and better services. When there is a failure, we can solve the problem for you in time.


The above is the solvent recovery machine small series for you to introduce the solvent recovery machine purchasing skills, hope to help you, if you need to know more about the knowledge, please contact us, we will answer for you one by one.


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