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Is the solvent recovery machine safe?

Update time :2019.12.13

Nowadays, many factories have solvent recovery machines. In order to protect the environment, solvent recovery machines are used. Do you know that solvent recovery machines are safe? Next solvent recovery machine small edition for you to introduce.


When designing the safety solvent recovery machine, the possible problems should be considered and protected.


Because organic solvents are generally flammable and explosive, how to avoid this problem.


First of all, most organic solvents have the possibility of combustion and explosion in the production process. If there is an accident, the consequences are unimaginable.


We all know that the three elements of combustion are: oxygen, sparks and combustibles. Without any - item, there will be no combustion.


At the solvent recovery site, oxygen and combustibles exist, so the only thing that can be controlled is no spark. Jietian solvent recovery machine has special explosion-proof settings in any place where sparks may be generated, such as: the electric control system is set in the closed explosion-proof box and grounding. The heating system is explosion-proof, and the cooling system is explosion-proof to avoid electric sparks. Therefore, Jietian explosion-proof solvent recovery machine is safe. At the same time, these settings are explosion-proof devices specially set for the organic waste solvent recovery machine.


Is the above solvent recovery machine for you to introduce the small solvent recovery machine security? Hope to help you, if you need to know more about it, please contact us.


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