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What is the recovery method of solvent recovery machine?

Update time :2019.12.16

Now we all use solvent recovery machine, so do you know what solvent recovery machine recovery methods are now? Next solvent recovery machine small edition for you to introduce.


I. give the waste detergent to the Environmental Protection Bureau for disposal, and pay the Environmental Protection Bureau several yuan for each kilogram. This method is the least cost-effective, and few people will do so.


2. Dump the organic waste solvent directly or discharge it to the sewer. This situation is mainly a few years ago, many companies did not know about environmental protection. Most of them will clean the product with clean solvent. If the solvent is dirty, they will pour the dirty solvent into the open space or quietly discharge it into the sewer. This method of organic solvent disposal is the most undesirable, harmful to people and ourselves, polluting the environment. Because most of the organic cleaners are toxic, they cause severe environmental pollution, act badly and do not act recklessly. We should firmly root out them. I hope the company can improve its understanding of environmental protection. Choose the solvent recovery machine that turns waste into treasure, benefit people.


3. Use solvent recovery machine for personal recovery and disposal. The solvent recovery machine is based on the principle of distillation. The boiling points of various components in the waste solvent are different, so that the residue can be filtered out.


The above is the solvent recovery machine small edition for you to introduce the solvent recovery machine recovery method, hope to help you, if you need to know more relevant knowledge, please contact us.



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