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Safety of Solvent Recovery Machine

Update time :2019.09.05

Solvent recycler is developed to protect the environment. Is it really safe? The following solvent recovery machine for you to introduce.

1. Before the first use, pay attention to check whether the power supply is connected correctly, make sure that the bolt of the control box is tightened; turn on the power switch to check that the cooling fan is running normally.

2. The level of waste liquid should be lower than the highest level. Clean up the contact surface between gasket and flange to prevent solvent vapor leakage.

3. Open the switch and press the startup button to start the operation of the equipment. Ensure that there are enough barrels of clean liquid to avoid overflow.

4. It is strictly forbidden to pour peroxides and waste solvents containing large quantities of digested cotton into barrels to be recovered together so as to avoid gas explosion.

5. It is strictly forbidden to store large quantities of waste solvents near the recycling machine. Linking equipment and barrel groove parts must be linked with electrostatic clamps.

6. It is strictly forbidden to fire near the recycler, smoke and other open-fire parts, power switches, etc. all adopt explosion-proof level.

7. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to open the lid directly without cooling, and contact the hot parts of the barrel groove in order to avoid danger.

8. If any malfunction is found, please turn off the power supply and notify the maintenance personnel to deal with it. It must wait for the equipment to be cooled before it can be dealt with.

9. When recovering some unknown liquids, please consult relevant professionals to avoid potential safety hazards.

10. After the recovery is completed, clean up and recycle clean solvents, residues and turn off the power supply.

11. We must pay attention to the operation of the recycler. Personnel errors are the greatest potential safety hazard of the recycler. It is suggested to use solvent recovery equipment with multiple safety protection. After all, a price is a piece of goods. Please operate the recycler carefully.

12. When operating and maintaining, workers must wear gloves, protective glasses and masks. If there is accidental solvent splashing into the eyes, it should be immediately rinsed with clean water for 10 minutes, and then sent to the hospital for medical treatment.

Above is the safety of solvent recovery machine introduced by the small part of solvent recovery machine. I hope it can help you. If you need to know more about it, please contact us, and we will answer for you one by one.


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