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What are the benefits of solvent recovery machine?

Update time:2014.04.04

Waste solvents can not lose, it is money, because it can be repeated recycling! Solvent recovery machine can be used for recycling, solvent recovery machine can save a large amount of solvent purchase, save your company a lot of money, a year cost savings of solvent , enough to buy two or even more solvent recovery machine, spending a year saved solvent, is your earned.

In addition, the solvent recovery machine can also save you a lot of space.
As long as the store is now part of the local waste solvent or solvent, it is enough to place solvent recovery, inventories will be reduced more than 1/2, a large reduction in the use of solvent recovery after the storage of the solvent, no longer have to store the waste solvents, today's waste solvent recovery machine with a full recovery finished, tomorrow they can be used immediately.

Solvent recovery machine adopts microcomputer control and multiple sensors to ensure safety, self-diagnosis function constantly monitors the system functions. Simple operation easy, just follow the procedures set, after starting without special care, without increasing labor costs. The solvent used is a good helper enterprise.


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