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How to buy safe-Hing alcohol recycling machines?

Update time:2014.04.04

There are brands and types of recycling machines on alcohol sales market, a variety of quality, and as a user layman's terms, how to buy good price for alcohol recovery machines they use it? In fact, buy-Hing alcohol recovery machine only choose right, do not choose expensive. Why Examination filter manufacturers to purchase alcohol Hing recycling machine? Because manufacturers in the production or cleaning equipment will use a lot of organic solvents, spent most of the manufacturers in the future will be drained or cheap to sell some of the recycling companies. This down high production costs, very worthwhile. If there is a device capable of purifying the waste solvent recovery back, and then use it very well, both to control the costs, and environmental protection. This is the most manufacturers buy-Hing alcohol recovery machines in mind. So when buying alcohol Hing recycling machines should pay attention to what the problem?
1, the price, 2, recovery efficiency, 3, operational safety, 4, after-sales service, that cost-effective alcohol-Hing recycling machine manufacturer who is the first. Compare the price can come out in a number of suppliers, recovery efficiency can also compare test machine came out, but security can not just look at what the explosion-proof certification on the line, just as there are few manufacturers of counterfeit, altered imitation explosion-proof certification.
We buy alcohol Hing recycling machines must be done: a look at the machine appearance and internal structure, work; second start trial run, to see the recovery effect efficiency; three questions related to the principle of machine, design, manufacturing processes, precautions, transaction process, after sales service. Four examinations supplier factories, technical strength, the relevant certificate, etc. If an application claiming a patent, according to patent No. Discover appearance patent or utility model patents, patent owner is who discerning authenticity. If you have said that through the whole explosion-proof certification, ask the customer to check online Explosion card number or phone consultation, careful judgment and certificate genuine life, the best is to see the original. Five is the comparison of each vendor's product, price, efficiency and service to select the most suitable use of the product.
As long as you follow the above mentioned ways to buy alcohol recovery unit, I believe that certainly can buy cost-effective, good quality, safe recycling machine.


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